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I was prescribed . Unfortunately this was by doctor prescription. I was happily surprised to find that your generic products work just as well but without the high cost. Thank you so much
- - Roberto B - Genoa

Frequently asked questions about Acomplia, Reductil,

You can start reducing your weight right now thanks to generic Reductil which is available online at the lowest prices and without any prescription with free delivery around the world.

How is , Acomplia and Reductil different?
- Acomplia works by blocking the CB1 receptors located in the brain which reduces instances of eating and smoking.
- Reductil will work by directly affecting your appetite which controls the centers in your brain.

Who should be using these drugs?
All these diet pills are approved for use in the UK. Patients who have a BMI or body mass index of over 30 or those with over 27Kg/m2 and at risk of type 2 diabetes can take these drugs.

So how much weight will I lose?
- According to clinical studies Acomplia will reduce around 10% of weight in one year.
- Around 90% of the people who were in clinical trials in which Sibutramine was combined with their diet efforts had lost around three times extra weight than those who were on a diet without using Sibutramine.
- Many clinical test results show that around 1 out of every 4 patients who take will lose lots of weight which is twice as much in patients taking a placebo.

How should you take these drugs?
- Rimonabant: You just need to take one 20 mg dose when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water.
- Sibutramine:The prescribed dose of this drug is 15 mg every 24 hours an hour prior to eating.

Are these drugs safe and do they have adverse effects?
As with almost all drugs these too have a few possible adverse effects.
- Rimonabant: irritability, Depression, and anxiety
- Sibutramine: problems sleeping, Loss of appetite, and dry mouth

Who are these drugs not recommended for?
- If you tend to be allergic to any of these substances
- currently breast-feeding
- have an impaired liver function

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