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I was prescribed . Unfortunately this was by doctor prescription. I was happily surprised to find that your generic products work just as well but without the high cost. Thank you so much
- - Roberto B - Genoa

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You can start losing weight starting today, generic Acomplia can be purchased online at the lowest prices without any prescription and with free, discreet and secure delivery around the world.

What really is Acomplia (Rimonabant)?
This is a multifunction pill for reducing weight. Acomplia today is the very first in what is now being called a brand new class of drugs which are termed as being CBI or Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Blockers.

How Acomplia helps you shed those pounds?
Rimonabant works by using a process of affecting your endo cannabinoid system which is connected to your brain. This system has receptors aka CB-1 recepters which are responsible for properly regulating the intake of nicotine and food. It are these very receptors which help to translate signals to your brain that you are hungry from the cells in your body and also create an appetite. When you take Acomplia it blocks these receptors so your body still sends signals that it is hungry but your brain does not receive them.

What are the results of this drug?
According to a number of clinical trials Acomplia helps to get rid of around 10% body weight in a 12 month period. Patients who were taking 20mg of this drug every day had lost around 6.5kg as compared to a placebo group which lost 1.6kg only.

How should you take this drug?
You are required to take just one 20 mg pill first thing every morning along with a glass of fresh water. You should take this medicine on an fully empty stomach.

Side effects
Like other drugs this too has a few side effects. In a two year long study it was shown that depression, irritability and anxiety were a few common side effects which are quite minor and mostly temporary

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